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Homeless Pet Clubs of America was Created to Help Our Partners Rescue More Pets

Homeless Pet Clubs of America partners with many different organizations. Here are some of the types that we are excited to partner with in our mission to save homeless pets.

Animal shelters ensure public safety in our communities across the nation. Unfortunately, animal shelters fill up and animal lives are lost. However, by partnering with Homeless Pet Clubs of America, pet clubs can help shelters reach deeper into the community and more quickly place pets in loving, caring homes.

All across America, Humane Societies do great work helping rescue and match pets with families. Partnering with Homeless Pet Clubs of America, though, can enhance community outreach programs, which will help to get pets adopted faster. In addition, by involving local pet clubs, Humane Societies will get more support and involvement from the local community in the campaign against homeless pets.

Grassroots rescue groups, which are started by one or more passionate individuals to help pets get adopted, are powerful forces in our local communities. Oftentimes, the passion that these groups have drives them to reach people in all sorts of creative ways such as social media campaigns. By partnering with Homeless Pet Clubs of America, rescue groups can expand on their outreach program and have a partner in their drive to help pets find forever homes.

Local veterinarians, as part of The Good Doctors Pet Rescue, are a natural fit to be partners with Homeless Pet Clubs. By sponsoring a pet and partnering with a local club, The Good Doctors can publicize pets needing a home. Posters in the clinic or hospital as well as community involvement help to find homes for pets and can foster the special relationship that exists between veterinarian and pet owner.

Animal Rescue Partner Form

Please complete the form below to become a partner with the Homeless Pet Clubs in saving the lives of countless pets through the sponsorship of various clubs and organizations. Once you submit the partner form, a Homeless Pet Club volunteer will contact you. In the meantime, should you have any questions you may contact us via one of the following email addresses: [email protected], [email protected]