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About Us

Give students, civic leaders, and business owners the opportunity to share their love of animals by promoting animal rescue, responsible pet ownership, adoption of shelter animals, and animal welfare.

HPC wants to help homeless pets find loving, forever homes. Our founder, Dr. Michael Good's mantra has always been, "We want to save them all!"

HPC gives animal lovers from diverse backgrounds a way to leverage different strengths to save the greatest number of at-risk animals. Working together, school, business, and civic clubs build on their love of animals and ultimately foster a love of community that transcends social status where they can share their love of animals by participating in: animal rescue, telling the story of their sponsored pets, volunteering at adoption events, and raising funds to support their local shelter and club.

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Howard School

We are happy to say we have saved the lives of 30+ animals since becoming a Homeless Pet Club.  We sponsor dogs and cats through Fulton County Animals Services/LifeLine facility.  It has been rewarding in so many ways!  It has also helped us be focused as a club.  Although we always have other activities and educational pieces going on here at school, we come back to our sponsored animals and promoting them to help find their forever homes.

We are always looking for new ways to draw attention to our sponsored pets. You may even find them on the milk and juice containers at school.

To view the many success stories of The Howard School Pet club, please see our Facebook Page....


Cherokee High School pet club

The HPC at Cherokee High School in Canton, GA, The Rescue WARRIORS, used the month of October (which is Adopt a Shelter Pet Month) to collect donations for cat and dog treats for our Cherokee County Animal Shelter. We called it "Tricks 4 Treats". We had both students and teachers contributing to the collection and several of our teachers are proud owners of Rescued dogs and cats from our shelter!!!!

PunkRox Productions

I have to say that homeless pets club actually started me on a whole different path of giving. I work in TV production for a living and I felt I could give back by doing a feature about homeless animals. I did so for Millie from Warwick Valley Humane Society. She is now in her furever home and I now have a whole new passion. I now run PunkRox Productions which focuses on shelter and rescue features all over the country to help get pups adopted. I work with the groups to film (or they film depending on the location) and I edit a feature showing their best traits. The rescues have full access to the video and I create a file for petfinder. I also share within my rescue network. I also do features on dogs who have been abused or have an interesting story. I have worked with groups all over the country and am not stopping any time soon. My page is

Emily Peterson

and Franco

Thank you for helping me find a great friend for our family and children. Franco feels great in his new forever home, and it’s thanks to you!

  • 13
  • July 26, 2016