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Who We Are

Helping thousands of homeless animals

Homeless Pet Clubs (HPC) is an adjunct organization of The Homeless Pets Foundation (HPF), which was created in 1998 by Dr. Michael Good, an Atlanta, Georgia veterinarian, to save homeless pets. Dr. Good founded the 501 (c) (3) nonprofits to help animal shelters adopt-out more pets. Dr. Good wants to help these animals find loving, forever homes. His mantra, "We want to save them all!"

HPF provides critical medical care, food, foster care, and comfort to homeless animals. The organization also maintains a network of communication between volunteers, shelters, advocates, and potential adoptees, leveraging volunteer enthusiasm and technology to save lives. Since late in 2002, HPF and HPC have placed nearly 20,000 animals in loving homes.

How HPC Started

In 2010, HPF created Homeless Pet Clubs (HPC), to give students, civic leaders, and business owners the opportunity to share their love of animals by promoting animal rescue, responsible pet ownership, adoption of shelter animals, and animal welfare.

We want children to learn to be kind to living things; be kind to animals and be kind to each other.

Response to the school, businesses, and civic clubs has been overwhelming, with each club choosing pets to "sponsor" and promote for adoption. In just one Georgia county alone, more than 50 school clubs were established in three months' time, and their support helped find loving, forever homes for more than 200 animals. Teachers lead the charge for the school clubs, and report benefits to students including:

  • increased involvement
  • decreased absenteeism
  • increased enthusiasm for learning
  • improved social skills
  • increased compassion
  • heightened sense of achievement
  • improved self-worth
  • decreased bullying
  • expanded awareness of networking for good
  • increased responsibility
  • increased creativity and cooperation

It's fun, FREE, and effective!

Be a Leader in the Fight to Save Homeless Pet's Lives

Save the life of a homeless pet in your community, become a part of a Homeless Pet Club today. Homeless Pet Clubs are fun, free and effective!